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Flat lay overhead photograph of an office desk with copywriter writing in notebook, phone and brand book. Image by Food Story Media digital agency in London.

A really powerful Instagram caption will stop even the nimblest of scrollers in their tracks, and getting your followers to spend more time reading copy and engaging with your content is a sure-fire way to get the platform’s algorithm on side and reap the rewards of higher post performance.

While the caption is an undeniably crucial tool to drive likes, comments, traffic to your website and your chances of getting onto the dream-worthy ‘Explore Page’, it’s more importantly a huge opportunity to develop stronger and more meaningful relationships with your audience. …

We all have a handful of favourite brands that we’re fiercely loyal to, that come first to mind when thinking about a particular industry and that spark conversations with others around us. But have you ever thought deeply about why you’re so passionate about them? What first captured your attention? And what continues to drive your preference for them above all others within their industry? …

There’s little we love more than seeing women crushing it in the restaurant world and, while we applaud the successes of our industry heroines on the daily, we certainly won’t pass up an opportunity to raise a glass in their honour for International Women’s Day. To celebrate the occasion, we’re sharing the inspiring stories of several ladies who are changing/have changed the hospitality game and made a lasting mark on our industry for the greater good of generations to come. Here’s to you, gals!

Clare Smyth

“I stood shoulder to shoulder with men in the toughest kitchens in the world and excelled…

Wild mushroom foraged in the English countryside photographed by Food Story Media digital agency.

The word ‘sustainability’ has been dancing on our conscience for well over a decade, but never before has it been more in the spotlight than now, with the Michelin Guide serving up a powerful reminder with their recent introduction of the Green Michelin Star. While most businesses already feel a sense of moral duty to operate in an environmentally sensitive way, it seems that consumers have now cottoned on with a hefty 65% of British restaurant-goers expecting to see ethically sourced food and drink options when dining out [Source: Big Hospitality].

Phone displaying social media growth and follower increase from high levels of social media engagement. By Food Story Media.

Now that Instagram has racked up over 1 billion monthly users across the globe, it’s an ongoing challenge to project your brand’s voice amidst the deafening mass of digital volume; but, armed with a few tips and tricks, you’ll be on your way towards standing out in the crowd and cultivating an engaged and loyal community.

Neon hashtag light to introduce an article on hashtag strategy in social media management by Food Story Media digital agency.

So often we hear about people’s reluctance to use hashtags for fear of their account appearing spammy or gimmicky; however, the implementation of an effective hashtag strategy can now determine the make or break between a post flying straight into the limelight of users’ feeds or disappearing into the abyss without a trace. Hand-selecting the most relevant hashtags for each individual post will significantly increase your brand visibility making your content much easier to find and will place your profile in view of boundless new and untapped audiences. This is particularly valuable for emerging brands trying to place themselves on…

Restaurant team photograph at Michelin starred London fine dining restaurant showing hospitality support by Food Story Media.

Hospitality: the industry of evolution, innovation, and change.

One that satisfies the core needs of human existence (if we’re being philosophical), directly impacts the economic health of every postcode (feel free to fact check us on that), and one that’s currently faced with one hell of a challenge: ‘The Rona’.
Amidst the closing, re-opening, and closing again, we’ve been inspired by the industry’s quick-witted, rapid approach to shift their business models and create new streams of revenue to keep the wheels turning for their restaurants and brands. After all, they say ‘Necessity is the mother of innovation.’

The number one question we ask anyone we work with is:

“What’s Your Story?”

Sure, the language style is parallel to our brand, but the value doesn’t come from our witty way with words. The value is within the answer that we receive.

Camera lens photography behind the scenes footage on a shoot with team from Food Story Media digital media agency.

Modern consumerism is a fast-paced, crowded market, and we’re digesting content at rapid rates. Every time we skim, scroll, tap, like, comment, sign up, or google something, we’re consuming content. This reality calls for a unique approach to creating a brand campaign that stands out. …

Mug displaying “hustle” slogan in a digital media agency office environment at Food Story Media headquarters.

Accomplished brands are all composed of various unique elements that all function together to create an effective brand strategy. We call them gears!

Food Story Media

A one-stop digital media company working with extraordinary people and brands looking to create and share a powerful message within the hospitality industry.

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